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Hull Sues Papers For Slander

Former hockey star Bobby Hull has filed a lawsuit against a Moscow newspaper and the Toronto Sun for stories that quoted Hull making racial slurs and praising Adolf Hitler.

The suit was filed Friday in Hull's hometown.

On Aug. 25, the English-language Moscow Times quoted Hull as saying, "Hitler had some good ideas, he just went a little bit too far."

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The story also said Hull made remarks about the black population in the United States and suggested the Nazis' plan to build a master race was not entirely flawed.

The Toronto Sun picked up on the story the following day with the headline "Hockey Legend Shoots Off Mouth."


Bobby Hull
Bobby Hull's lawyer says comments attributed to Hull have had a 'devastating impact' on the hockey legend. (AP)
suing for libel and slander, he's suing for malicious and injurious falsehood. He's also claiming for punitive damages," Hull's lawyer Tim Danson said Friday in Toronto.

"Witnesses to the interview have confirmed to me what Bobby Hull has always said, that it's not just what he said but the way in which he said it; that his demeanor, tone of voice, facial expression communicated nothing but contempt and hatred for Adolf Hitler."

A call to the Toronto Sun's legal counsel was not immediately returned. A person answering the telephone at The Moscow Times on Friday said no one was in the office who could comment.

Hull, 59, led the NHL in goals scored for seven season while playing with the Chicago Blackhawks and won the Hart Trophy as the league's MVP twice. The Golden Jet, as he is known, was among the players who launched the World Hockey Association.

He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1983 and is a member of the Order of Canada.

Hull makes his living as a cattle rancher and by marketing his name and reputation.

"It has had (a) devastating ipact on him both personally and financially in his business and he's been left with no alternative," said Danson. "He asked for retractions and apologies. It didn't come, so he's been very much forced into this."

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