Huckabee's Bowling Night in Wisconsin

From CBS News' Joy Lin

MILWAUKEE -- In the middle of middle-class, middle America, reporters found the Huckabees on Sunday night in a Wisconsin bowling alley.

From a swarm of supporters and cameras, Mike and Janet Huckabee picked out reporters as competition, playing paparazzi as we bowled.

At the press conference that followed, a reporter said, "Governor, I noticed in the last lane there, you knocked down a lot of the pins on the right, a few pins on the left, but the pins in the middle were still standing there."

Huckabee: "We definitely got the ones on the right, because I think people are beginning to realize they have a conservative choice in this race, and I'm it – the only candidate that still supports, the only one that's unabashedly strong on the second amendment, the only one supporting the Fair Tax, the only one with a strong program to end illegal immigration to build a border fence."

"As far as the left, that was just saying, we're practicing for a either a Hilary or Obama, whichever one it turns out to be." He did not address the pins that were still left standing in the middle.

Lightly tanned from his quick trip to the Cayman Islands, Huckabee said he met with the "equivalent of the Prime Minister of the Cayman Islands" for an hour while he was there.

Huckabee has been accused of contradicting himself by going there, but he insists that his problem is not with the Caymans who have taken "a lot of responsibility" in identifying people who invest their money there.

"My complaint is not with their financial services industry, I think they're acting very, very wisely and smartly for their own benefit. What I don't understand is why the United States is not acting smartly and wisely to keep those investments here in the U.S.," he said.

"My whole point is not to say people put money there because it's illegal – it isn't, it's perfectly legal," said Huckabee. "The problem is why should U.S. investors have to put their money in places other than the United States – I'll tell you why, it's because our tax system is choking the daylights out of any investments. The purpose of the Fair Tax is to bring the U.S. capital back to us and that's why it would be such an improvement."