Huckabee This Weekend

From CBS News' Joy Lin:

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- With six primaries and caucuses coming up in the next four days, Mike Huckabee heads to the mid-Atlantic for a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference today. Later, he holds a campaign rally at the University of Maryland before visiting the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Huckabee's attendance at the Maryland rally will probably be the only one he has in that state. According to the campaign, the state is largely Democrat and the Republicans there tend to be moderate.

He's stopping by Walter Reed to meet a son of an Arkansan who used to work with him in the Capitol. His daughter, Sarah, describes the soldier as a close personal friend; the governor actually requested that cameras not be there to keep his visit intimate.

He will be spending Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in Virginia, in advance of that state's Feb. 12 primary, with a lot of that time dedicated to the southwest portion of the state. They want to beat expectations in that miltary stronghold.

After that, Huckabee's schedule goes dark. There is no Kansas-Washington state-Louisiana watch party tonight. Sarah Huckabee said the schedule has been wearing down her father - nine events on Friday alone - and the next three days in Virginia will be just as rough. She put her foot down when she heard there could be an evening event. Huckabee may be putting out a statement but otherwise, don't expect too much out of him tomorrow night. Just watch the Sunday talk shows.

With Louisiana largely expected to go to McCain tonight and Washington State full of moderates and military folks, the only potential good news for the Huckabee campaign tonight could come out of Kansas. With word that McCain's crowds topped off at 300 in the state, the Huckabee campaign has a good feeling they wil do well there. His wife, Janet, visited Washington state today (Huckabee visited the state sometime in November) but her solitary trips usually mark the states in which Huckabee can't win.