Huckabee Gets Biblical

From CBS News' Joy Lin, on the campaign trail with the Huckabee campaign:
On the campaign trail in New Hampshire this weekend, a supporter asked Mike Huckabee to explain the success of his insurgent campaign.

"Feeding five thousand people with two fish and five loaves," Huckabee answered, adding there was "no human explanation for some of what's happened."

Miracles aside, Huckbee listed some factors he thought could partially explain the sudden uptick. Huckabee said debates had helped get his "message" out; he also credited the efforts of over four hundred "dedicated" bloggers who had committed to circulating and defending Huckabee's reputation in the blogosphere.

Another reason, Huckabee offered, was that people were beginning to look beyond the "two or three people" the "national media" had offered them. He likened the public's search for a candidate to the prophet's search for King David.

"It's almost like when the prophet was looking for a king. He came down, looked through all of Jesse's sons, went through a whole bunch of them, and said, 'Is this all you got?'" The audience laughed. Huckabee continued "Jesse said, 'Well, I got this one kid over here, he's kind of a ne'er do well…He's the runt if the family…His brothers are…the guys everybody thinks have got the best shot. (The prophet) said, 'Well let me check him out,' and that was the one that ended up getting the nod."

Huckabee continued, "The only thing I can tell you is that it's a people's campaign. I think America is hungry for a people's president – not a pundit's president, and not a pollster's president, but a people's president. That's what I really think is happening and I'm just amazed by it as much as anybody."

The audience, crammed into the waiting area of a children's dentistry, angled their heads upwards at Huckabee, who stood on a marble bench. Throughout Huckabee's speech, when someone in the audience agreed with him, there was the soft sound of an "amen" or a "uh-huh" as if the event were a tent revival.