Huckabee Continues Hitting Back

From CBS News' Joy Lin:

OSCEOLA, IOWA -– Gesturing to a wild turkey that had been taxidermied, Mike Huckabee joked, "I thought that was one of my opponents." He paused during the laughter, "That'll make the blogs."

Huckabee continued his quest to set his record straight today, shifting to a strategy of calling out Mitt Romney, by name, for misrepresentation as well as going too far in putting up attack ads against John McCain, who Huckabee called a "rival" but a "honest, decent…American hero."

"It's like Mitt doesn't have anything to stand on, except to stand against," said Huckabee.

"And I'm saying enough is enough. Ladies and gentlemen, what I'm going to say to you today is, if a person is dishonest in his approach to get the job, do you believe he will be honest in telling you the truth when he does get the job?"

Huckabee defended his record against the "relentless attack ads…some of them from Mitt Romney, the others from a Washington special interest group, hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing, a lot of them from Mitt Romney's big supporters and that they in turn used against me" -- making a tie between the Club for Growth and Romney's donors.

Huckabee didn't just attempt to set his own record straight, he tried to set his opponent's record as well.

"You're not going to find moments on YouTube with me saying something different about the sanctity of human life today than I said ten years ago, ten minutes ago, or fifty years ago. You're not going to find something on YouTube where I said something completely different about gun ownership and the second amendment than I did last week, last year, ten years ago. You're not going to hear me making up stuff about my biography. I won't go around saying I'm a lifelong golfer cause I once rode in a golf cart when I was eight years old. You're not going to hear me talk about…how I once was a person who was on the other side of the issue when it came to the Reagan, Bush legacy, and didn't believe in it, was an independent, and now 'I love Ronald Reagan."