How You Can Fight Terrorism

Despite the circumstances of her last few years, Brooke Astor will most likely be remembered most for her philanthropy. She liquidated the Vincent Astor Foundation in 1997, having made a solid impact on such institutions as the International Rescue Committee, the Fresh Air Fund, the Lighthouse for the Blind and, perhaps above all, her beloved New York Public Library.
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In the wake of Sept. 11, state and local government resources have been strained by the demands of homeland security. To hold the line against terrorism, volunteers are offering their time, serving as one line of defense for the nation.

CBS News correspondent Gretchen Carlson spent some time with the newest soldiers in the war on terrorism in Delray Beach, Fla.

In the town where nine of the Sept. 11 hijackers once lived, citizens, most of them seniors, make up the Delray Beach Homeland Security volunteers.

One of them is Betty Fish, she says, "The terrorists didn't realize they woke up a sleeping giant!"

The volunteers each had more than 40 hours of training before taking to the streets.

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