How to stop a baby from crying

(CBS News) Back in 2011, the Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology published a study that determined a child whining is the most annoying sound in the world. Speaking as a non-parent, I have to agree with their conclusion. However, there is light at the end of this ear-piercing tunnel. Watch the adorable video above and see what I mean.

"How am I ever going to have kids?" I think that every time I hear a screaming child on the subway, in a movie theater, on a plane -- anywhere. But, now, thanks to this video posted by Arfmoochikncheez, I'm a bit more optimistic about my parental potential.

The key is distraction. When this baby gets the waterworks going, the man behind the camera (her father, I assume), simply asks the child what sound a cow makes. And in an instant, like some sort of witchcraft, the kid goes from unstoppable scream machine to an angel making animal sounds. It's brilliant. Give it a shot, it's worth a try. If it doesn't work, there's always ear plugs.

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