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How to Really Get Fit in 2010

Most of us make New Year's fitness resolutions -- and most of us fail to keep them.

So how can you keep your goals for 2010?

Fitness trainer Tracy Anderson has helped celebrities, such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Molly Sims, and Shakira, with "The Tracy Anderson Method." She shared some advice on "The Early Show" about how you can achieve your fitness goals this year.

Anderson said the first thing everyone has to remember is that the New Year's resolution is a commitment that you make with yourself to change and better your life.

Goals need to be specific, according to Anderson, so that you can actually achieve results. Rather than saying "I want to be thinner," for example, Anderson said you should say to yourself, "I want to lose five inches in my waist." Or, instead of thinking, "I want to get in shape," you should say, "I want to lose 10 percent of my body fat."

Anderson said, "Set unspecific goals. Tailor it to you."

As for the goals you set, Anderson said, you should keep them realistic. Instead of making resolutions, such as, "I want to look like Gwyneth Paltrow by the end of the month," Anderson suggested goals to experience success in "little bits."

"Once you make it specific make it doable. Bite size morsels," she said. "If your goal is to lose that 50 pounds then resolve to lose one pound every few days. It is much easier to manage one pound than 50. Make the action as doable as the goal, (such as) when are you going to work on it, for how long, and at your level. Each step has to be able to be done well and tailored to your ability."

Anderson said people take resolutions too seriously. This can lead to extremes with starvation diets, or total-transformation-in-a-week concepts.

"They lose themselves," she said. "It is important, also not to go overboard with the discipline, as well, because that can lead to failing because it isn't sustainable."

Anderson said resolutions should be fun.

She suggested these workout tips:
• Music is key to a fun workout
• Workout with friends. This makes it more fun and keeps you motivated.
• Schedule in a day off. This gives you something to look forward to. Work out six days -- take seventh day off. "You need a day to celebrate," Anderson said.

As for those workouts, Anderson gave "The Early Show" a sneak preview of three new exercises she developed that anyone can do at home with a towel.

• UNDER ARM FLAB EXERCISE - Arm towel behind back palm to ceiling pulse start with 10 a day and work up to 100 to fight under arm flab by the spring.

• ONE BICEP AB COMBO WITH TOWEL - Lay flat on back legs straight out in front of you. One hand support head. Bend one leg into chest with towel wrapped around thigh and held in one hand. Use the towel to pull your knee to your face using the bicep. Crunch up when pulling leg in.

• BUTT BUSTER AND BACK FAT FIGHTER WITH TOWEL - Lay on side with one part of the towel under supporting elbow. Opposite end of towel in hand reaching arm straight up to the ceiling. Top knee of top leg touches the ground in front of you and extends behind on an upward diagonal while back slightly arches into movement.

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