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Household hacks to know as Hurricane Ian hits Florida

How a hurricane's storm surge happens
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In the event of extreme weather, it's vital to always be prepared. As powerful Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida, people in the area were doing just that.

There's a long list Floridians and others in Ian's path were likely checking off - from boarding up windows to lining up sandbags to diverting water from their homes. But there's always more than can be done if you have the time (or necessary help).

Here's a look at some household hacks that may help you as you face severe weather.

Household hacks to know

A dog training facility in Florida found a creative way to bring the outdoors into your home when you're stuck inside during a storm. FACEBOOK/EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY

Here are some other last-minute things you can do to prepare.

  • Fill your bathtub full with water: This is an old tip that many people stand by: Fill up your bathtub with water in case of an emergency. This way, you'll have extra water in case you need it to flush toilets, clean dishes, use to wash yourself off or more. The National Weather Service adds that this can also be used as drinking water if you need it - just put line the tub with a bag to ensure your water stays fresh.
  • Fill a kiddie pool with sod for a makeshift pet potty: During high winds and heavy rain, you'll want to keep your pets inside. To keep them warm and safe, try creating your own potty area that will allow your dog to relieve itself if necessary. Every Dog Has Its Day, a dog training facility in Orlando, Florida, previously suggested putting sod in a kiddie pool and storing it in your garage (barring any flooding) so you'll have "a safe place for your dogs to potty during the storm."
  • Make your own lantern with a water bottle and flashlight: If you lose power and are in need of some light, avoid using candles. Instead, utilize flashlights, phones and other items. Some campers suggest creating your own lantern by taping a flashlight underneath a water bottle or jug to help illuminate a room.
  • Use aluminum pans or other dishes to keep furniture out of water: If you have major flooding, then this trick won't be much help, but it can be helpful if several inches of water seep into your home. Place a dish pan or aluminum pans under the legs of furniture to help prevent severe water damage.

How to prepare for a hurricane

Emergency preparedness natural disaster supplies.
Emergency preparedness supplies, including a flashlight, backpack, batteries, water bottles, first aid kit, lantern, radio, can opener and mask.  Getty Images/iStockphoto

"The things that you should be prepared with are things like food, water, batteries, medicine, fuel," Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis advised at a Sunday news conference. 

These are all essential items to have on hand. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the following:

  • Have a plan in place: Write down emergency numbers, track the nearest shelter and make sure all family members are indoors and in close contact. 
  • Get emergency supplies ready and in one spot: As DeSantis suggested, make sure you have all the items you need to ride out the storm, from extra batteries to canned food and more. An emergency first aid kit should also be readily available in case of an emergency.
  • Prepare your family, pets and home: Make sure your home is secured (boarded up, sandbags in place and so forth) and you stay away from any glass or breakable items.
  • Follow local guidance: Subscribe to local weather alerts and follow local officials' guidance.
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