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How To Pack Light

Warmer weather means the occasional weekend getaway. Yet, too often people pack the kitchen sink to enjoy, at best, two days of fun.

If you're planning a short trip soon, Mark Connolly, fashion director for Condé Nast Traveler magazine, says be smart and pack light with weekend bags that are both durable and stylish.

Although purchasing luggage is an investment, it does not have to break your bank. The bag you choose for your weekend getaway should be one that reflects you and your needs, says Connolly. If you can afford it, it's not a bad idea to have a few different bags for different types of trips.

Connolly says good luggage will last a lifetime. Luggage that is poor in quality and cheap will more likely to have to be replaced and can damage the clothes and valuables you pack inside.

The following are several types of bags for traveling this summer:

Beach Bags

  • Diane von Furstenburg Feed Bag, $89
    This soft bag is oversized with removable interior pocket for toiletries, accessories and jewelry. It also has an over-shoulder strap, and deep handles for easy hand carrying. The bag also offers an ultra suede-like exterior.

    Available in most department stores and Diane von Furstenburg - on sale at Macy's.

  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Large Tote, $55
    This two-tone spring/summer color tote comes with deep-thick shoulder straps. Connolly says it is great for a no-fuss weekend or a two-day beach excursion.

    For more information about the tote, go to

Family Beach Bag for Driving / Road Trips

  • Coach "Hamptons Tote" in Large, $228
    Connolly says everyone needs a good, large tote that can hold everything for road trips. The Coach tote bag's fabric has been treated so it can take lots of wear and tear. Plus, it can handle wet items, so don't feel bad about throwing swimsuits or food into it.

    Available at Coach stores nationwide.

Updated Classic Weekend Bags
  • Classic Rolling Bag, Mandarina Duck 20-inch Rolling Bag, $350
    Connolly says this bag is perfect for use during flights this summer because it is practical. It has pockets inside for cell phone, pens and more. Plus, it has features for keeping clothes properly folded. The durable bag is also water-protected.

    It is available at

  • Banana Republic, Classic Black Shoulder Bag, $98
    The black nylon, small, duffle-style bag is good for a man or a woman, according to Connolly. The bag comes with a thick carrying handle and shoulder strap.

    It is available at

Bags for Teens
  • Olympia "Sports Plus," $29.99
    Connolly says the black-and-gold rolling duffel bag is great for any teen, especially boys. It comes with a lot of pockets and zippers for easy storage. The bag has a relax-able body, handle and shoulder straps. The outer nylon material is matched with durable inner nylon lining.

    It is available at and

  • J-Lo Large Bowler Bag, $79
    The pleather white-with-gold-piping bag is deep enough for a young girl's clothing and a few trinkets too. The bowler bag is available at department stores.

    Available at

Bags for Kids

  • Eddie Bauer "Insulated Tote," $16
    The Eddie Bauer bags are made of thick nylon, so they are durable and can withstand spills. After all, these bags are made for kids. The bags are also insulated to keep juice and food cool. Bags are available at Eddie Bauer stores nationwide.
  • Kipling "Honeybee Small Double Pocket Backpack," $46
    Connolly says the lime-green backpack is just the right size for the little person in the house. It has plenty of pockets and areas for pens and small books. It is available in department stores.

    For more information about the bag, go to

The following are accessories that accompanied the bags Connolly demonstrated.

  • Coach and Banana Republic Scarves, $38
  • Flight 001 "Baby Spare Wear" (three infant outfits in one bag), $40
    It is available at
  • Kodak "Max Sport" Sport Camera, $13
    It is available in drugstores nationwide.
  • Cole Haan "Double Zip Cosmetic" Bag, $75
  • Crash Paks Survival Kit, $12
    This pack has everything from bandages to aspirin to antiseptic.
    It is available at drugstores nationwide or at
  • Flight 001 Colorful Rubber Luggage Tags, $6
    Set your luggage apart from everyone else's with a colorful luggage tag.
    It is available at
  • Flip Flop:
    Women: Cole Haan "Bikini Flip Flop," $75; J. Crew "Malibu flips," $19.50
    Men: Banana Republic "Classic Flip Flop," $29.50
  • J. Crew "Crusher Hat," $28
  • J. Crew "Grosgrain Ribbon belts," $28

For more information on summer travel, check out the June issue of Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

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