How To Look Good Naked

Carson Kressley in a publicity photo for his Lifetime show "How To Look Good Naked" premiering Jan. 4, 2007.
Lifetime Television
After six seasons of helping hapless straight men look their best on Bravo's "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy," style guru Carson Kressley wants to help women look good - naked!

In each episode of his new Lifetime reality show, "How To Look Good Naked," Kressley helps a woman overcome her low self-esteem and find her inner beauty - without plastic surgery or a drastic makeover.

"When they first came to me and said, 'do you want to do this show?' I thought, 'I don't even look good naked, how am I going to teach other people?'" Kressley told The Friday.

Kressley decided to do the show after seeing the British version that was a hit on the BBC.

"It's not just a regular makeover show, it's more of an internal thing," he said. "You learn these amazing stories about why these woman basically don't feel good about themselves."

Kressley said that he was surprised how often women don't really see their true selves.

"Their reality and their perception are two different things. Their reality check has totally bounced because they think their thighs are huge or they think that they're short when in actuality they're really average or better than average," he said. "These women don't really see it for themselves so I have to really put it out there for them."

By the end of the show, each woman poses for a nude photo session, which Kressley says is a way of affirming their newfound confidence.

"They eventually do it because they're so sick of living in a shell and hiding in layers of clothing, and not being proud of who they are," he said. "I think by the time I get through with them, hopefully, they're proud of who they are and they do this tasteful photo shoot and they finally feel pretty, and feel sexy - something they've been wanting and missing for a long time."

Kressley offered these five simple tips on looking great naked.

  1. Wear the right size. Size never goes out of style. Wearing loose fitting clothes makes you look bigger, not smaller.
  2. Have fun with color. Monochromatic dressing is great, but brighten it up by wearing a v-neck with a little pop of color underneath.
  3. Have fun with accessories. Kressley says that big, wide belts create a waistline. Even if you don't have a perfect hourglass figure, he says, you can get one with belts.
  4. Check your posture. If you're standing up tall and straight, that makes you look taller and more elegant and leaner instantly - and costs a lot less than surgery.
  5. Be confident. Kressley says confidence is "the greatest accessory you can have. Remember that everybody has something that's beautiful about themselves and focus on that."

"How To Look Good Naked" airs Fridays on Lifetime beginning Jan. 4.
By Judy Faber