How to kill a mustache with Movember at an end

(CBS News) I'm sure many of the guys out there probably engaged in the yearly tradition of Movember. And with this now being the end of the month, that hard time has come when you will need to decide whether it's time to put the mustache down or not. For those who are on the fence about this decision or don't know what to do, we have some helpful advice for you above.

The tongue-in-cheek, "manifesto" was created by Rhett and Link, who have been featured here on The Feed many times for their awesome brand of Internet comedy. So how many of you out there that engaged in Movember are going to keep the 'stache? And will those of you who have decided to put it down be able to do so when the time comes? As always, feel free to leave me some comment love below with your personal thoughts and facial hair experiences. And to check out more fun videos from Rhett and Link, you can go to their YouTube page by clicking here.