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How to Help The Military Dogs

The Early Show veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner examined the role that dogs have played in the military.

She spoke with Ron Aiello, who credits his canine partner, Stormy, for saving his life during the Vietnam War. Stormy was one of nearly 5000 dogs that served as patrol and scouts during that conflict.

After he returned home, Ron founded the United States War Dog Association, and even built a memorial to honor dogs that served in the military.

There are still dogs serving in the military and fighting the war on terror. To offer support for them, one woman, Amy Nichols, founded K-9 Support. She's held several fundraisers in her hometown, Baltimore, and has been sending care packages overseas. In the packages are grooming aids, protective gear, special toys and snacks for the military dogs and their human handlers.

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Here are the places where you can find out more information about military dogs and where to make contributions for their well-being.

United States War Dogs Association,; their email is

To contribute to the care packages:

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