How To Get Swimsuit Sexy By Memorial Day

Would you like to lose 5 pounds by Memorial Day?

By making four small changes to your diet each day, you can painlessly shed those extra pounds, reports Keri Glassman, a registered dietitian and contributing editor to Women's Health magazine.

According to Glassman, losing 5 pounds in only six weeks isn't magic, but it does take a little bit of math.

"If you're a carb lover, [start with] breakfast," says Glassman. "I know I need a little bit of carbs at breakfast. If you're going for that bagel, some bagels are up to 600 calories. But the average bagel is about 300. You can go for two slices of whole wheat bread for 200 calories. An easy cut of 100 calories right there. Plus we'll get some fiber and protein in the whole wheat bread."

When it comes to eating cereal, portion control needs to be taken into consideration.

"Studies show when you pour yourself cereal into bigger bowls you're going to pour about 30 percent more," Glassman said. "We know Americans are usually part of the clean plate club. Switch up to a mug and you're going to save yourself about 100 calories."

During lunch time, instead of pouring on salad dressing, which can add up 300, 400, 500 calories, Glassman suggests using about 10 sprays of salad dressing.

She also suggests that people buy a little spray gadget for the kitchen and use it for the pan when cooking or on a baked potato to cut calories.

Glassman also says to use mustard instead of mayo, which is an "easy substitution" that can cut 100 calories.

When it comes to snacking, portion control is also key.

"Never eat out of the bag or a box. A 100 calorie bag of popcorn is an excellent choice and if you are buying in bulk, pre-portion your Ziploc bags ahead of time," she said. "Go for fresh fruit. Fresh fruit, much less calories. Too much sugar and calories in the dried fruit."

Mashed potatoes versus a baked potato?

According to Glassman, there is a lot of added butter and calories in mashed potatoes, so go with the baked potato, which has nutrients and fiber and will help keep you full.

Skipping the olive oil and dipping your bread in balsamic vinegar instead is another great tip.

If you are still indulging in desserts, Glassman says to eat down to the crust, which usually holds the most butter, and toss the side of ice cream, which will save about 100 calories.

"We've got 42 days times 400 -- 16,800 calories you'll save. Divide that by 3,500 calories which equals a pound -- 4.8 pounds," she said.

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