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How to become a British monarch and why it won't be you

(CBS News) As the world anxiously awaits the arrival of Prince William and Kate's first child -- a.k.a THE ROYAL BABY! -- what better time is it to learn exactly how one becomes an official royal monarch. In his latest educational video, C.G.P Grey explains the rules behind becoming a king or queen. And if you thought you had a shot at becoming British royalty, think again, because as Grey meticulously illustrates, you really don't have a shot (but I'm guessing you already knew that).

The Feed is a big fan of Grey and his endless knowledge on topics ranging from all things British to Santa Claus and pennies to the Electoral College and coffee. His video lessons are often useful (and sometimes wonderfully useless), but always, always entertaining and easy to follow.

And I certainly didn't know all these factoids on how hard it is to become a British royal. But the main takeaways: Hope you're a boy, don't be a bastard and definitely don't be Catholic. But as he mentioned, and we've all become aware of, being a girl just became not so bad, thanks to a recent law change. Hmm, I wonder why they did that? Me thinks the queen knows something that we don't...So be sure to brush up on your royal monarch history before the new little prince or princess arrives any day, hour or minute now, so you can show off to all your friends while toasting the new arrival (or just boozing for the heck of it, which I can always get behind, royal baby or no).

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