How the powerful placebo effect works

Hear Lesley Stahl discuss new and controversial research on the placebo effect--and how your antidepressant may not be what you think

When Harvard researcher Irving Kirsch told Lesley Stahl that the difference between taking an antidepressant and taking a sugar pill is minimal for most people, the 60 Minutes correspondent said, "But people are getting better taking antidepressants. I know them."

In this "Overtime" feature, you'll hear Lesley share her own family's personal experience with antidepressants-- and how the news in her own report affects her family.

Also in this video, Lesley discusses new and controversial research on the placebo effect and the ethics of lying to patients who might benefit from the power of the placebo.

Do you have a personal story to share? Please tell us your experience with depression treatments and your thoughts on Lesley's report on antidepressants in the comments section.

Watch Lesley Stahl's report "Treating Depression," produced by Richard Bonin.