How Target, Best Buy price-matching plans look to curb web competition

(CBS News) Traditional stores are losing ground to online competitors, so with the holidays coming up, they're fighting back with new plans to match prices.

Target and Best Buy are offering to match the online prices of many products, and other big chains have other ideas, including special deals on shipping in certain areas.

It's good news for the consumer, but bad news for retailers, Jack Otter, executive editor of CBS, explained on "CBS This Morning."

"This is a sign of desperation," he said. "They've seen Circuit City go under. Best Buy is on the ropes. So they've said, 'OK, whatever those guys are doing our competition is killing us, we'll match the price.' The problem is what people are doing is they walk into a Best Buy or a Target, they check out the TV or the laptop, then they go home and buy it on the computer. It's called showrooming."

To find out the ins and outs of the stores' strategies to combat this practice and how you can take advantage of these deals, watch Otter's full "CTM" segment in the video above.