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How Should You Discipline Your Child?

It's never easy being a parent -- you have to find the right balance between being supportive and knowing when and how to put your foot down.

A topic parents struggle with daily is how to discipline their kids. You know how to reward them, but what to do when they misbehave? Do you yell, spank, punish or take things away from them -- or none of the above?

Child and Adolescent Psychologist and Early Show contributor, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein shared the most important principles of discipline with Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

Harstein also walked through age-appropriate and effective discipline strategies for toddlers aged 0-2, children aged 3-5 and 6-8, tweens, and teens.

She also addressed spanking, which both she and The American Academy of Pediatrics do not recommend:

Our exclusive web show, "Eye on Parenting," discussed setting limits on teens. Psychologist Jeff Gardere talked with CNET's Molly Wood about establishing rules:

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