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How Lindsay Lohan Avoided Jail

Another close call for troubled movie star Lindsay Lohan: The star was a no-show in court in Beverly Hills Thursday. She could have been thrown in jail, but as "The Insider" host Lara Spencer said on "The Early Show" Friday after just 24 hours, things are looking a little different for the star. Lohan could have faced up to 180 days in jail, but a late-hour legal maneuver led to the judge recalling the arrest warrant -- for now.

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Life for Lohan isn't like her movies. In "The Parent Trap," Lohan was able to be in two places at once, but that isn't the case in reality.

Spencer explained on "The Early Show" that Lindsay claims her passport was stolen, which inhibited her return from the Cannes Film Festival for her court appearance. However, the judge revoked her parole and set bail at $100,000.

But late last night, her legal team paid her bond and helped her avoid arrest. Lohan must now comply with strict new rules upon her return to the U.S.: First she must abstain from drinking, wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet and undergo random drug testing. Spencer pointed out Lindsay has yet to complete her court-mandated alcohol-education program.

Now US magazine reports Lohan told them her dad, Michael, was responsible for her passport being stolen -- a charge he's denied.

Spencer said Michael Lohan is fed up with her lies and denial. The actress' father says her behavior and the no-show at court is more evidence that she needs help. He's in a very public legal battle to gain custodial control over his daughter, and wants her checked into a rehab facility.

Spencer added on "The Early Show" that Michael Lohan's attorney, Lisa Bloom, who is also a CBS News Legal Analyst, says behind-the-scenes she and Lohan's father have been working very hard to try to get the actress to voluntarily check into a residential rehab program near the family's Long Island home. But she has not agreed. The next option is a court to order her into rehab. He does not believe jail is the answer.

Spencer said, "He...believes that it's integral for her health that the family come together as a unit which sounds like a great idea finally and get her healthy."

So when is Lohan coming back to the U.S.?

Spencer said the star has to be back in Los Angeles by Monday. Sources say she has a temporary passport, and has to appear in court on Monday at 8:30 a.m. -- or else.

And in other entertainment news, Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison, was in the hospital again after he made a miraculous recovery from a brain hemorrhage last month. But then earlier this week he was suffering from numbness on the left side of his body, face and hands, which doctors describe as a warning stroke. MRI and CAT scans showed a hole in his heart.

Spencer said doctors believe the condition is serious, but operable.

"They also say it's highly unlikely it's connected to the brain hemorrhage. We've learned he went back home last night, and on his website says, 'He is sick and tired of being in the hospital and is ready to rock again.' He has a sold-out show on May 26 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, here's hoping he makes it."

"Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez asked Spencer about the news with Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

Spencer said it looks like James is joining Bullock in their exodus from the Los Angeles area.

Spencer said, "He has put their former home up for sale. And People magazine now reports he's looking for a place to live in Austin, Texas. Bullock is currently spending time in New Orleans, with her adopted son Louie, but also has a home in Austin. Friends of James say he is still holding out hope for reconciliation, which may be the driving force behind his move."

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