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How Lesley Stahl and 60 Minutes reported on a kibbutz rescue in Israel

How 60 Minutes reported in Israel
How 60 Minutes reported on the ground from Israel 03:06

This week, Lesley Stahl and her team heard a story of survival and heroism from an Israeli family that were under attack by Hamas militants. 

Amir and Miri Tibon were hiding in a safe room with their two young children when the militants invaded their kibbutz, Nahal Oz, located near the Israel-Gaza border. 

They were texting with their neighbors, trying to understand why the sound of automatic gunfire was getting closer and closer to them, when they received a chilling message: "They're here." 

"We looked at each other and just had the same look of horror," Amir said. "They're here." 

The 60 Minutes team spent much of their reporting trip in Tel Aviv, where they heard rocket sirens at least once a day; their interview with Amir and Miri Tibon was interrupted by a warning to take shelter.

"We were here last month and it's a completely different mood," co-producer Jinsol Jung told 60 Minutes Overtime. "Most of the restaurants were closed. People did not want to leave their homes. We did not leave our hotel unless we had to for our story."

Lesley Stahl and the 60 Minutes team were accompanied by a security escort to visit Kfar Azza, another kibbutz near the Israel-Gaza border, the hardest hit during the Hamas invasion. They saw burned homes, crushed cars, and the corpses of Hamas fighters in the streets. 

Lesley Stahl asked Amir and Miri Tibon if they would ever return home to the Nahal Oz kibbutz. 

"I don't know," Mira answered. "I don't know."

The video above was produced by Will Croxton and Brit McCandless Farmer. It was edited by Will Croxton.

Video from South First Responders via Telegram / Reuters

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