How Far Will Army Recruiters Go?

Sallinger confronted Sgt. Pickel with a phone conversation David McSwane said he had before they went to the store.

On tape:

Sgt Pickel: "When you said about the one problem that you had...what does it consist of?"

McSwane: "Marijuana."

Pickel: "Oh. OK. So nothing major?"

McSwane: "Yeah he said he would take me down to get that stuff. I mean I have no idea what it is so you would have to show me. Is that a problem?"

Pickel: "No, not at all."

Sgt. Pickel quickly referred us to his superiors.

Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Brodeur who heads Army recruiting for the Colorado region did not defend the recruiters.

"Let me tell you something sir. I'm a soldier and have been a soldier for 20 years," Broderu said. "This violates trust, it violates integrity, it violates honor, and it violates duty."

The two soldiers involved have already been suspended from recruiting duties. They could face anything from a letter of reprimand to a court martial if they are not cleared by the investigation.