How Brooke Shields Handled Teen Stardom

Actress Brooke Shields on the cover of the September, 2007 issue of Redbook magazine.
At age 12, Brooke Shields played a child growing up in a brothel in "Pretty Baby." At 15, she declared that nothing came between her and her Calvin Klein jeans and frolicked on a desert island with teen hunk Christopher Atkins in "Blue Lagoon." But despite her often-provocative on-screen roles and her teen visits to Studio 54, Shields says she was able to resist the temptations that have gotten many of today's young stars in trouble.

"I think a lot of these girls are young, and it's all so tempting. For some reason, I wasn't tempted. I don't know why. Sometimes I wish I was a little more tempted to have a little more fun," Shields says in the September issue of Redbook. "But I see them, and someone will ask, 'Well what do you want to say to so-and-so?' I don't want to say anything to them. I want to talk to their mothers."

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Shields, who has two daughters of her own — Rowan Francis, 4, and Grier Hammond, 16 months, says she's a strict mom.

"I always feel like the odd mom out, because, trust me, when I tell you I'm on my girls," she says. "And every time I am, I know from the outside it looks like I'm an overbearing, controlling parent. But I don't think we have any responsibility to anybody else but our kids and ourselves."

This fall, Shields stars in the upcoming NBC series "Lipstick Jungle," based on the book by "Sex and the City" creator Candace Bushnell.

The September issue of Redbook is out Aug. 21.