How Bob Marley's daughter helped get Jamaica's soccer team to the Women's World Cup

One of the biggest underdogs at the Women's World Cup is Jamaica, also known as the "Reggae Girlz." But just a few years ago the island nation didn't even have a women's soccer team. The country's soccer federation disbanded the team in 2014 due to lack of funding. That's when the daughter of the country's most famous musician stepped in.

"I didn't even know Jamaica had a woman's program," Cedella Marley, the daughter of the late musician Bob Marley and an avid soccer fan, told CBS News.

She kicked off fundraisers and recorded a song with her brothers letting everyone know that soccer in Jamaica wasn't only for men.

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"The women were being told that they cannot play a sport that they love. And that wasn't cool," Marley said.
She also found a coach, Hue Menzies, who was experienced and willing to work unpaid. Last fall, he helped the Reggae Girlz become the first Caribbean team to qualify for the Women's World Cup.

Jamaica entered the World Cup as underdogs and lost their first match against Brazil 3-0. Reggae Girlz goalkeeper Sydney Schneider — a 19-year-old New Jersey native — isn't accepting defeat, however.

"This is our first game in a big tournament, but now that is behind us, our nerves should be behind us. So we have to go out for the next game and be ready," Schneider said.

Their next match will be held in the city of Reims, France on Friday where Jamaica will face off against another tough team: Italy.