How Bill Gates' school launched his life's work

Billionaire Bill Gates goes back to Lakeside, the Seattle high school where a rummage sale held by the mothers' club set him on his path to help change the world

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How did the mother's club at Bill Gates' high school set him on a path to change the world? By holding a rummage sale to buy the school's first teletype, the machine that would connect 13-year-old Gates and his friend Paul Allen to a world of possibility in personal computing. The two men went on to found Microsoft and wrote the software that fueled the PC revolution.

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As soon as the teletype machine showed up at Lakeside prep in Seattle, the young Gates embarked on what would become his life's work. In this 60 Minutes Overtime video, Gates takes Charlie Rose back to his old stomping grounds at Lakeside for a tour of its now-famous teletype room.

In case no one has taken the time to say this: Thank you, dear Lakeside mom's club for your contribution to the digital revolution.