How Bill Daley Could Change the White House

On Thursday's Washington Unplugged, CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante explained one of the key reasons why President Obama tapped Bill Daley, former commerce secretary under President Clinton, to be his next chief of staff.

"Daley will bring a lot to the job in terms of visibility - he is known indeed here in Washington and in New York," Plante told host Bob Orr, "He is a politician of course but he is also a business person. He has been serving for the last several years at JP Morgan Chase. He knows the business community, they know him."

Plante added that Daley's expertise and long-standing relationships may help bridge the divide between the business world and the White House. Plante explained, "This is going to be key for the second half of President Obama's first term because the president needs to repair his relations with business and some like Daley can help him do it."

The White House may also look to Daley to become another important face of the Obama administration. "He is very good as a public person," Plante said, "It will be a different kind of White House I think with someone like Daley in charge of making the trains run on time."

Watch Thursday's Washington Unplugged above also featuring this week's Flash Points with CBS News senior national security analyst Juan Zarate.