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Houston neighborhood helps leukemia patient with "Chairs for Charlie"

One tight-knit community in Houston is demonstrating true Southern hospitality. They're pulling up a chair for Charlie George, a 64-year-old neighbor who is battling leukemia.

He gets his exercise by walking around the block with his two dogs and cat in tow. But as CBS affiliate KHOU in Houston reports, neighbor Shellye Arnold noticed his walks became more laborious since he was diagnosed with cancer three years ago.

"He was having a hard time and he was standing and the rest of his family was walking," said Arnold.

Arnold and her partner Tina came up with a creative idea to help. They placed chairs out on their lawn with a sign that read, "Chairs for Charlie." Other neighbors like Georgia Lister joined in and placed more chairs along George's walking route, so he'd have a place to rest along the way.

"So you can drive around or walk around and see all the chairs with a sign out just to welcome Charlie or anyone else that's in need of a rest," said Lister.

"We saw the first chair and we were like wow! And then we saw another one. It's like, oh my God, all these chairs. Can you believe this, Charlie?" said Sandra George, Charlie's wife.

George was touched to know his neighbors cared so much.

"When I saw that, you know, it makes you want to cry. Yeah that really brought it to a head. To know people really care about me," he said.

There are now 15 chairs for Charlie on Azalea Street.

His legs may be weak, but the love he feels from his neighbors gives him the strength to keep walking. "I love them, and I couldn't do it without them and I really appreciate it," said George.