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House To Observe Moment Of Silence

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) honored the request of a North Carolina Republican this week by calling for a moment of silence on the first legislative day of each month to commemorate military personnel who have been killed or injured in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The speaker sent Rep. Walter Jones a letter on Thursday notifying him that the House will now stand in silence at the beginning of each month starting in June, when members return from the week-long Memorial Day recess. "Your idea is an excellent one and I plan to honor it when Congress returns," Pelosi wrote.

Jones, who supported the initial invasion of Iraq, has become a frequent critic of the war as well as President Bush for his handling of the conflict. The North Carolina Republican has voted for a series of withdrawal measures since Democrats took power and recently trounced a primary opponent who challenged that anti-war stance.

“I am grateful that Speaker Pelosi agrees that it is important for the House of Representatives to honor America’s service members who have been killed or wounded,” Jones said in a joint statement. “This moment of silence will serve as a solemn thank you from a grateful nation.”