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House Republicans Resume Gas Protest

House Republicans reignited their energy protest on Monday morning, vowing to continue their talkathon until House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allows a vote on domestic oil drilling.

On Friday, Republicans refused to leave after Congress adjourned for the summer, holding court on the House floor until Friday evening, despite the lack of microphones or C-SPAN cameras.

“The cameras may not be on, the lights may not be on, but this is the people’s House and the people will still be heard on this day,” said Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) on Monday.

The lights were later turned on in the chamber.

While Friday’s session had all the passion of a revival meeting, with members jumping off airplanes and rushing back to the House floor to thunderous applause, it was a more subdued affair on Monday morning.

The House floor was sparsely populated with members and staff, with a steady stream of tourists flowing through the public viewing galleries.

A GOP leadership aide said 21 members had committed to attending on Monday, with more expected to follow throughout the week.
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