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House Republicans Give Boehner A Standing Ovation Over Bailout Stance

House Republicans gave Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) a standing ovation today as he briefed them on the last developments in the battle over President Bush's $700 billion Wall Street bailout plan, according to Patrick O'Connor, who is covering a GOP members-only meeting.

Boehner and the House Republican leadership has been roundly criticized by the Democrats over their unwillingness to support the  Bush bailout package, but his rank-and-file is backing the Ohio Republican strongly. House Republicans have offered a series of principles as an alternative to the White House's bailout plan, but have yet to unveil an actual bill.

On the lighter side, Rep. Brad Sherman  (D-Calif.), who is also opposed to the bailout proposal, just walked up to the microphones at the Republican post-conference stakeout in the Cannon House Office Building. He's now giving his own impromptu press conference. His office, one should note, is in the Rayburn House Offiice Building, so it's not like he just happened to accidentally stroll past this gathering.

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