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Hottest Holiday Toys

What are this season's must-have gifts for kids?

On "The Early Show" Saturday Edition, Shannon Eis, a parenting and toy expert at took a look at what toys are flying off shelves.

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ZhuZhu Pets and Funhouse (by Cepia Toys)
$10 - $25 (the hamsters are currently selling on eBay for $50 each)
Ages 3+
Colorful hamster funhouse has kitchen and bedroom, studio-bathroom and room connector tunnel with easy access to your pets. Hampsters feature a "nurture" mode where they coo and purr, and each has a specific name.

Twilight Dolls (by Mattel)
Ages 6-15
Dolls based on the popular book/movie series characters. These are selling out as collectibles and as basic "doll play."

Liv Dolls (by SpinMaster)
Ages 4+
AgeSophie, Katie, Alexis, and Daniela are fun, bold, funny, and have their own personalities. They are posable and have 'real' eyes, are fully articulated body (14 pts.) and can stand alone. Their owners can join in the online fun at where they can use a secret access code to read Liv girls' super secret diaries, watch videos, play games, try on virtual outfits, and take photos of Liv girls having fun! They dolls are unique in that girls can really change a doll's hair through the use of wigs!

Nerf-n-Strike Raider Rapid Fire (by Hasbro)
Ages 4-8
Intense blaster with two blasting modes features a special magazine drum to hold up to 35 darts, also includes an adjustable stock and a tactical rail. Single shot mode or slam fire mode for multi-shot; blaster comes with drum magazine, 35 clip-system darts.

Little Mommy Walk & Giggle Doll (by Mattel)
Ages 3-10
She can stand up and walk all by herself. When placed in a sitting position on a flat surface, this doll can get herself to a standing position, then begin walking. If she falls down, she can get up on her own. If she is lying flat and facing down, the doll will automatically get up without assistance -- if she is lying flat and facing up, she cannot get up and will ask for help by saying, "Help me mama!" She features 60 phrases, sounds and songs.

Spike the Dinosaur (Imaginext for Fisher-Price)
Ages 3+
He walks, he stands on his hind legs, he blinks, his mouth opens and closes, his spikes light up-and he growls, snorts and roars.

EA Voice Command Quarterback (by Toy Island)
Ages 8-12
Play like the pros with the EA SPORTS Voice Command Quarterback that features a touch sensitive pad that keeps track of passing accuracy and timing, sensors light up to direct passes to different receivers and timing, the game mode cycles through game play and the LED scoreboard keeps track of the plays.

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