Hottest DVDs To Give As Gifts

DVDs make great gifts for the whole family -- adults, kids -- even teens!

And on The Early Show Tuesday, entertainment contributor and People magazine Executive Editor Jess Cagle offered his suggestions for this holiday season -- as part of the show's ongoing Holiday Gift Guide.

Great Gift DVDs

"Planet Earth" -- the complete BBC series

"The War" -- seven part documentary -- acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns' epic documentary about World War II.

"The Bourne Ultimatum"

"The Jason Bourne Collection"

"Blade Runner, The Final Cut" -- "ultimate collectors edition" -- five-disc set

"Superbad" -- summer comedy hit debuts on Blu-RayHigh-Def in two-disc DVD

"Hairspray" -- two-disc DVD is in Blu-Ray High-Def

"The Simpsons Movie" -- special features include audio commentaries, deleted scenes, and promotional spots

DVDs for Kids

"Ratatouille" -- includes exclusive, all-new animated short, deleted scenes, more

"Pirates of the Caribbean -- At World's End"

"High School Musical 2"

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

"Harry Potter" limited edition gift set -- available in SD, HD DVD and Blu-Ray. Set Includes two-disc editions of all five films, plus two bonus discs with games and more than three hours of extra content

TV shows on DVD

"Everybody Loves Raymond" -- entire series available in unique, collectible custom package that "houses" all 44 discs. Bonus materials include signed script from executive producers and writers

"Lost" -- the complete third season

"Saturday Night Live" -- the complete second season -- bonus features include the performer screen test for Andy Kaufman, and audio files of never-before-heard dress rehearsals

"House" -- season three

"Heroes" -- Season one -- seven-disc set features never-before-aired 73-minute premiere episode

"Sopranos" -- Season Six -- bonus features include first-ever audio commentary by Edie Falco

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