Hotsheet Live: What's the Supreme Court's next move in the health care case?

CBS News correspondent Whit Johnson was joined on Hotsheet Live Friday by CBS News political correspondent Jan Crawford, National Journal's Major Garrett and Politico's Jonathan Allen to discuss this week's historic Supreme Court oral arguments on the constitutionality of President Obama's signature health care law.

"This is not an easy case," Crawford said. "You had very aggressive arguments by the conservative justices suggesting that is law is an unprecedented sweep of federal power over American life."

Once the Supreme Court makes its ruling, Allen said Congress faces a steep climb if it is ordered to make changes to the law.

"The idea that Congress is going to come back and pick up the pieces of this bill is a strange notion and one that seems to come from this ivory tower that's detached from reality," Allen said.

Garrett said the court's ruling has the potential to "be like an energy drink for both sides."

Watch the entire discussion - including the panel's take on Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio's chances of landing on the GOP ticket - in the video above.