Hotsheet Live: What's next in the GOP race?

CBS News political director John Dickerson was joined on Hotsheet Live Friday by The New York Times' Jeff Zeleny, Huffington Post's Jon Ward and USA Today's Susan Page, to discuss how the outcome of Super Tuesday affects the GOP candidates moving forward.

"In a way [the timing of the night was] so unfair for Mitt Romney," Page said. "If we had known...that he was going to win both Ohio and Alaska [earlier], it would have looked like a much more powerful night."

"One thing that Mitt Romney has still managed to hold onto is this electability question that he stands a better chance of beating Barack Obama," Zeleny said.

Ward said Newt Gingrich needs to win the primary in either Alabama or Mississippi next Tuesday so he can "make a case to stay in."

Each panelist concluded with an endorsement about something they have seen or read, including Page's request that reporters refrain from using cliches about The Wizard of Oz and other Kansas related puns while covering Saturday's Kansas caucuses.

NY Times' Jeff Zeleny: Sarah from Alaska: The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education of a New Conservative Superstar by CBS News' Scott Conroy & Shushannah Walshe

Huffington Post's Jon Ward: Rick Santorum's comment, "If the government is going to get smaller, then people need to get bigger."

And John's own pick: Business Week's feature "Fix This"

Watch the entire discussion - including the panel's take on President Obama's forays in the campaign - in the video above.