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Hotel Robber Captured in The Alibi Bar, Say Idaho Cops

Donald Mosley Jr. (AP/Lewiston Police Dept. via Lewiston Tribune)

LEWISTON, Idaho (CBS/AP) Did he think it was his own private Idaho?

Police in Lewiston say it didn't take them long to locate Donald Mosley Jr., who was suspected of robbing the Cedars Inn hotel. That's because Mosley was right next door... at The Alibi bar.


Police said the 40-year-old suspect was arrested less than 15 minutes after he walked into the hotel and demanded cash from the desk clerk late Wednesday. Mosley was booked into the Nez Perce County Jail early Thursday and faces possible felony robbery charges.

The Lewiston Tribune reports it's the second time Mosley has been arrested in recent weeks.

In late October, police say after he was refused a cup of coffee at a fire station, he called in a fake fire report from a pay phone.

Think he needs to find a new alibi.