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Hot Spring Trends

Glamour magazine's executive fashion editor-at-large, Suze Yalof Schwartz, proves you don't need a million bucks to look smashing.

She put The Early Show's Rene Syler, Emily Senay and Dave Price to the test of guessing which accessories and clothes featured are steals, costing a fraction of the designer prices of the others.

Surprisingly, the panel got every single outfit right. "That's never happened before," Schwartz noted.

Schwartz says there are lots of trends this season such as brights, '20s-inspired outfits and preppy. But Palm Beach floral, sporty chic and seersucker are some of the biggest trends.

Here are her picks:

Palm Beach Floral
This is a new take on the preppy look, according to Schwartz. With more of an island accent, this look combines huge trends of the season -- floral prints, green and full skirts and Palm Beach preppy looks.


  • Lycra tank, Michael Kors, $325
  • Lined skirt made in Italy, Moschino, $305
  • White leather with suede bag, Hogan, $895
  • Pink leather sandal, Dolce & Gabbana, $425

    Total: $1,950


  • Cotton tank, Michael Stars (Bloomingdale's), $24
  • Cotton skirt, Marimekko, $88
  • Pleather bag, Nine West, $49
  • Pleather sandal, Colin Stuart, $49

    Total: $210

    What's the Difference?
    The Moschino skirt is lined and made in Italy, while the Marimekko one is cotton, made in the USA and unlined. The tanks are both cotton but the Kors has lycra in it and is ribbed. The shoes and bags are leather vs. pleather.

    Sporty Chic
    Schwartz says everyone is wearing the sporty chic looks that were seen on many model runways. The top is sporty but still flattering since it is fitted and looks feminine when worn with a full pleated skirt, according to Schwartz.


  • Aviator sunglasses, H&M, $10
  • Acrylic jacket, Rampage, $29
  • Unlined cotton skirt, Target, $22
  • Keds, $24.99

    Total: $85.99


  • Aviators, Kors, $198
  • Silk jacket, Cynthia Steffe, $200
  • Lined skirt, Burberry, $420
  • Keds, $24.99

    Total: $842.99

    What's the Difference?
    The difference in price of the jackets is due to the material. The Rampage is made of acrylic and the Cynthia Steffe is made of silk and lycra. The Target skirt is 100 percent cotton and unlined, while the Burberry is elastane and cotton and 100 percent lined. The shoes are leather vs. pleather.

    Schwartz says seersucker is always "in" during the hot summer months. But it used to be associated with the retirement folks, not the jetsetters. This season we will see seersucker in a chic, sexy way, according to Schwartz. Schwartz adds that the straw bags are the perfect addition to the summer dress.


  • Lined dress, Melissa Masse, $300
  • Leather detailed straw bag, Coach, $228
  • Sandal, Manolo Blahnik, $475

    Total: $1003


  • 100 percent cotton dress, Delia's, $38
  • Pleather straw bag, JC Penney, $35
  • Pleather sandal, Colin Stuart, $49

    Total: $122

    What's the Difference?
    The Delia's dress is cheaper because it is unlined. The Coach bag is trimmed with real leather while the JC Penney item is pleather and made in China. The Manolos are more expensive because they are leather, made in Italy and sometimes you have to pay for the name.

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