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Hot And Healthy

When it comes to health, chiles have an awful reputation. They are popularly thought to cause ulcers, heartburn, and a host of other digestive ailments. In fact though, chiles do not cause these problems, and are actually good for you. Check out these spicy health facts:

  • Repeated studies have shown that chile peppers do not harm the digestive system. (Vinegar, which is an ingredient in some sauces, can cause digestive problems in some people.)
  • Fresh chiles are very high in Vitamin C.
  • Dried chiles have enormous amounts of Vitamin A.
  • Chiles have anti-oxidant properties, which means that they help fight cancer.
  • Hot chiles can be a great flavor substitute for salt.
  • Hot peppers are even reputed to cure migraines.
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written by David Kohn

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