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Hospital Lobby Birth Caught on Tape

Caroline Meech's keepsake video of the birth of her third child is unlike any other. Instead of shaky photography by a proud dad, Meech's video is surveillance camera footage from a hospital lobby.

The 32-year-old mom tried to make it through the doors of Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester, England, last Friday, but baby Alice would not wait.

Caroline and Mike Meech, appeared on "The Early Show" with their children Casper, Gabriella, and new baby, Alice. The couple shared what happened that night his wife went into labor.

Mike explained the evening was very cold and he was just trying to get to the hospital as fast as he could so they wouldn't have to deliver the baby alone in the car.

Caroline said they arrived at the hospital with about 10 minutes to spare. However, when she walked into the hospital foyer, she fell to her knees and couldn't move. She and Mike spent a few moments between the front doors while she endured contractions.

Mike pointed out that the automated doors continued to open and close because every time his wife got a contraction, her backside would push out and the doors would sense the movement.

"Quite a comical moment looking back on it," Mike said, adding, "But I guess it wasn't funny at the time."

After crawling a bit further through the doors, Caroline gave birth to her daughter just moments later, out of the surveillance camera frame on the lobby floor. She was aided by her husband and two midwives.

For more with the Meech family, click on the video below.

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