Horses Keep Off Bridge! (And That Goes for You Lions and Ostriches in Little Rock, Too)

Big Dam Bridge (Pulaski County)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (CBS/AP) Keep your horse off the Big Dam Bridge!

That's the message being sent to animal owners in Little Rock, Ark., where a government official wants to make it a crime for horses to use a pedestrian span over the Arkansas River, which just happens to be called...the Big Dam Bridge.

Recently, when four of the four-legged creatures used the bridge, eyewitnesses complained - and so did some folks who stepped in the evidence.

Patricia Dicker, who's a member of the Pulaski County governing board, is pushing an ordinance to ban horses and other livestock or exotic animals from the bridge, which links Little Rock and North Little Rock. She told television station KLRT that when the horses crossed, there were children in wheelchairs on the bridge, and there could have been a tragedy had the horses had become agitated.

Dicker wants the bridge ban to include exotic animals, too, because she says someone might think taking a lion or an ostrich across the bridge is a good idea.