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Hoop Champs Stir Oregon Town

It's Friday night in Knappa, Ore., and the best little basketball team in the state is taking the floor.

"It's fun. It's small-town sports and everyone's having a great time. Everybody from town's here," one Loggers fan told CBS News Correspondent Jerry Bowen.

Led by gum-popping coach Craig Cokley and 6'10" Senior Bryan Jackson who averages 30 points a game, the Knappa Loggers have won every game this season and every home game for the last four years.

"He's the X-factor," Cokley says of Jackson.

Twenty minutes from the mouth of the Columbia River and a mile off the old Lewis and Clark Trail, Knappa is a logging community in a comfortable time warp. Generation after generation enjoys fishing in summer, basketball in winter.

"You'll see the same names coming up year after year, you know? Either cousins, brothers, fathers," says Pudgy Hunt.

Hunt is a local basketball legend himself -- the all-time high school scorer in Oregon history. But even he says the current team is special.

"I'd hate to play against a team like that," Hunt says.

They have been playing as a team since the fourth grade. Everyone knows Jackson could have played at a big city school, but he wanted to stay at the 200-student Knappa High.

"You bond with people. Sure, I could have went someplace else, but I don't know if I would have been happy, like I am now," Jackson says.

Their last home game was amazing. The loggers led 39-4 after the first quarter. Even the coach was speechless.

"Jiminy Christmas, fellows, I don't know what to say," Cokley told his team.

The Loggers won 119-43. Jackson scored his usual 30 points and double that in autograph requests. To the town kids, he's a hero. These are youngsters growing up in a special place, where basketball is more than just a sport - in Knappa, it's the only game in town.

"Their legacy will be how well they played together and what great teammates they were," Cokley says of his team.

Reported By Jerry Bowen