Honoring Promises

When you work an early morning shift like we do, you find yourself obsessed with two things: sleep, of course, and the weather!

Things really don't warm up until the sun comes out, so when we are hanging out on the plaza in the wee hours of the morning, we are constantly checking the weather. Not that it matters to our senior producer, Anjie Taylor. She is the one who makes the call whether we go outside or stay in, and she makes her decisions from the nice comfy confines of the control room.

Meanwhile, the temperatures are sub-zero and we are schlepping outside with coats, hats, gloves and boots ... all of which had to be put on during two-minute commercial breaks, and then taken off once we come back inside. This process repeats itself a couple times every morning, so naturally Julie and I are always trying to get out of it. (Tough guy Harry rarely wears a coat no matter what the weather!)

Despite our protests, Anjie is relentless about making us brave the elements. Finally, Julie and I extracted a promise from her that the next time the temperature dipped below 60 degrees, Anjie would have to join us outside. Personally, I think the benchmark should have been 30 degrees, but we were nice.

Today when the mercury hit a balmy 56, in the middle of June, Anjie was outside in a flash and really tried to play down the cold weather by not even wearing her jacket. We got her back by actually making her talk on television, something she has vowed never to do.

She was adorable and the folks behind the scenes deserve a lot of credit for making the show happen. People like Anjie make us look good, except when the wind is whipping our hair and we are jumping up and down from the cold!

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