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Honor Thy Father, Already

Here's the dirty little secret everyone knows, but no one talks about: We just don't pay as much reverence to a certain holiday for fathers as we do to a certain holiday for mothers.

One simple statistic from the Greeting Card Association sums it all up: In 1997, Mother's Day cards racked up $150 million in U.S. sales. By contrast, Father's Day garnered only $95 million. That's more than one-third fewer cards for dads than for moms.

Here at, we want to help give poor, neglected dad back his 33 percent. We want to make his day as important as Mom's Day. And we hope you'll take the opportunity to give dad everything that's coming to him this June 21.

Buy Dad A Gift
He never asked for anything from you. So shouldn't you at least force something on him? The Gift Guide will help ease the task of finding your father that special something. So, Make Room For Daddy's Gifts.

Find Your Forefathers
Being able to name your dad is all well and good, but maybe you want to be able to identify your dad's dad's dad. Or even the dad of your dad's dad's dad. Or even ..., well, you get the idea. What you want, then, is a little exercise in genealogy. And if you want to trace yours, there's a whole section to help you at Yahoo. You can also buy family tree software. And is ready to help you pick the right program. Of course, this is a good idea for moms as well, but for the sake of Father's Day, we're trying to keep this a "dad" thing.

Send Him A Cyber-Sentiment
Want to get dad a personalized Father's Day card? Send him some good old pre-constructed fake mail? Share with the cyber-world those morsels that make your dad great? Maybe you'd just like to build a whole new dad. There's all this and a whole lot more at the Infospace site,

Father Grows Up
Want to know how dads have changed since the 1950s? Look no further than your nearest cathode ray tube. Television fathers have come a long way since the days when Robert Young would put on a cardigan and solve all the family problems. Information Please takes a look at TV dads then and now.

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