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"Honeymoon: Take 2"

Here's how to start:

E-mail us us an essay of 1,000 words or less telling us your definition of a "second honeymoon," what it would mean to you, and why you think you and the love of your life deserve it.

Please be sure to include the pictures we ask for, along with these details:

How long have you been together?
Your story?
What a trip to a fabulous, romantic location would mean to you?
Anything else you think we should know about you individually and as a couple?

Based on your essays, and possible interviews to follow, "The Early Show" may select up to four couples to come to New York to compete (big-time!) for the trip.

So, practice those dancing moves, tune up your singing voice, pull out your running shoes, and get ready for anything and everything our anchors, judges and viewers can throw at you.


It's a big trip, and we're looking for the perfect couple to take it. If you think that's you and your special someone, click this link, read the terms and conditions and all the rest of the information, follow the instructions, and let us know. And do it soon -- our casting call doesn't last forever! Good luck!

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