Homeless man allegedly punched by Real Housewives of Miami star's son speaks out

Gary Brown, 62-year-old homeless man CBS Miami

(CBS) MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - The homeless man who was allegedly punched on camera in the groin by the son of a Real Housewives of Miami star has spoken out. CBS Miami reports that Gary Brown is confident that police will make an arrest.

"Something's going to happen to him. I know that already," he said.

Miami Beach Police believe that Peter Rosello, the son of Housewives star Alexia Echevarria, is the young man who appeared in the YouTube video telling the cameraman that he was going to punch Brown in the genitals as he slept.

The video, which was posted by a user by the name of "Mike Jones," depicts the young man punching the 62-year-old man in the groin before running off.

Police say the YouTube video was also posted to Rosello's personal Facebook page, although it was removed last Thursday evening.

Rosello could be charged with battery on a homeless person, a 3rd degree felony, if he is arrested, Miami Beach Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez told CBS Miami.

CBS Miami approached Echaverria's home for a comment and a woman who appeared to be her told reporters through the door that she had no comment, "At this time at this time I can't say anything. I'm very saddened by the whole situation."

According to police, Rosello and his attorney have been in communication with authorities.