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Home video of Virginia cop "pulling over" his kids goes viral

A home video featuring a Virginia police officer pulling over his young kids in their motorized vehicle for being "too cute" has gone viral.

CBS affiliate WDBJ reports that Roanoke Police Officer Kenny Bowman pretended to pull over his two kids in the driveway to make a video to share with friends -- and to send an important message about safety.

"The other side of the badge, I guess you could call it, we all have families just like most people do," Bowman told WDBJ.

In the video, Bowman's two toddlers - who are pulled over for being "too cute" - grow defiant when they are questioned by their uniformed dad. After telling him to "mind your own business" and noting that he has no backup, they peel away in their power wheel.

Bowman said that he wanted the video to remind the general public that police officers also want to get home safely to their own families. But the impetus of the home movie was just to have a little fun.

Now the clip has gone viral, garnering nearly 200,000 views.

"We put it on Facebook and it got shared from someone to a law enforcement website and it just basically started going everywhere," Bowman said.

Bowman told WDBJ that he hopes the video helps improve communication between the public and the police.

"Show them who you are. Just let people you can come talk to us about anything," he said. "Let us know what's going on in your neighborhood. See if we can help out. "

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