Home Invasion Jury Hears Chilling 911 Tapes

A still of bank surveillance tape of Jennifer Hawke Petit minutes before her brutal murder.
Chilling bank surveillance tape played in a Connecticut court Wednesday showed Jennifer Hawke Petit minutes before her death, reports CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano.

Petit is seen as she withdraws $15,000, nervously alerting a teller that she's getting money for men holding her family hostage. As Petit walked away, the bank manager called 911.

911 Tape (Bank Manager): We have a lady who is in our bank right now who says her husband and children are being held at their house. That if the police are told, they will kill her children and the husband.

By the time the police encountered the suspects outside the Petit home, 33 minutes later, Petit and her daughters - 11-year-old Mikayla and 17-year-old Hayley - were dead. Petit had been raped and strangled. Her daughters died after inhaling smoke as their home was set on fire. Her husband -- who had been beaten and bound - barely escaped to a neighbor's house.

911 Tape (Neighbor): I got Bill Petit here,whose hurt, my neighbor.

911 Tape (Officer): You two, get in the house, get in the house. I need the 101 here now. Head injury.

Questions in court centered around why the police took so long to try to rescue the family. An officer testified that they were following hostage protocol.

Dr. William Petit was the sole survivor of the brutal home invasion. Earlier this week he testified the men - Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky - were strangers who threw him in the basement almost immediately.

The suspects wanted to plead guilty in exchange for life sentences, but Petit would not agree.

Since his family was killed, he has advocated to keep the death penalty in Connecticut. Though the legislature voted to get rid of it, the governor vetoed the bill. This case is now viewed as a referendum on the death penalty.