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Home detention denied for 10-year-old Phila. boy accused of beating neighbor


(CBS) PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Family Court administrative judge Kevin Dougherty told a 10-year-old Philadelphia boy accused of beating an adult neighbor during a home invasion that he will not allow home detention with GPS monitoring because, "protection of the community trumps his freedom," CBS Philly reports.

Several weeks ago, the 10-year-old defendant was accused of recruiting two other boys, ages nine and seven, for a home invasion targeting a 51-year-old immigrant from Vietnam who speaks little English. The 10-year-old, who lives a few houses down from the victim in the Juniata neighborhood, was turned in by his mother after the trio allegedly broke into the home, beat the woman with sticks and a rope, threw a potted plant at her, stole money from her purse, and then ran off. The child remains in custody, CBS Philly added. 

The seven and nine-year-olds have yet to be charged and their cases are reported to be "open." The trial has been relisted for September 5th because new information has surfaced about a potential adult co-defendant who may have been involved in the home invasion.

If an adult is involved in the case, it changes the entire nature of the case, the 10-year-old's public defender said. 

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