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Home Buying Help on the Web

Bill Gates wants to help you buy your next home. Unfortunately, we don't mean the Microsoft Mogul will be sending you a check. Instead, the company has created a web site designed to give home buyers all the help they need from beginning to end. Ian Morris is the product manager for homeadvisor.comÂ….

"It really addresses the five areas that consumers care about in home buying. Everything from understanding the process, to finding a neighborhood, finding a home, finding a loan and understanding the overall offer and closing process."

Microsoft is working with a variety of real estate firms and national lenders. If you already own a home, the site can help you decide whether to time is right to -re-financeÂ…

"We're getting a ton of interest from re-financers. You can go in and you can actually find out if it's the right time for you to re-finance with some basic information. Home Advisor will walk you through that process. And you can actually re-finance right online."

There are other sites such as where you can apply for loans as well. Lending Tree Chairman Douglas LebdaÂ…

"You can get offers from up to four financial institutions simultaneously and then compare and contrast different loan offers and make your choice."

Best of all, using the sites won't cost you a thing.

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