Hollywood's Heavenly Bakery

In the heart of Tinseltown, where traffic, tourists, smog and the homeless coexist, there's a taste of holiness -- and we're not talking doughnuts!

It's one of Hollywood's best kept secrets: a bread bakery that's really a monastery. Mike Castellucci of KCBS-TV in Los Angeles has the story.

Just north of a Hollywood street that sells...well...just about anything, is a shining light, not a search light, that blankets a building and its tenants with hope -- and pumpkin bread.

This is the Monastery of the Angels, where 25 cloistered Dominican nuns live. They hardly ever leave the monastery walls, but they know all about their Hollywood neighborhood.

"A lot of people tell us there's a great deal of spiritual power that leaves this community," says one nun. "And people can feel it. So we feel that our mission is a very important one and very well-received."

They're not naïve. They're nuns who have devoted their lives to prayer, and at this time of year, a delicious pumpkin bread.

The nuns whip up loaf after loaf during Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually 1,000 a day. It's a process nobody can see, but all can enjoy.

The walls and doors separate the nuns from the rest of the world, making their bakery as much of a mystery as how a fruitcake comes together - they make those, too.