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Hollywood's Diet And Fitness Secrets

Celebrities have to stay in shape -- it's their job.

So, how to they do it?

Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman interviewed A-list stars, their trainers and nutritionists to find out, and put what they learned in "The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets."

On The Early Show Thursday, Douglas told co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez anyone could easily incorporate them into their lives to swing the scale in their favor!

According to Douglas, the secrets include:

Vinegar on greens 20 minutes before leaving for a big dinner event

Supermodel Heidi Klum and other models do this, because vinegar curbs your hunger pangs. Vinegar, an acid, slows the glycemic effect of carbohydrates -- the rate at which sugars and starches are absorbed into the blood stream. The slower the rate, the fuller a person will feel, for longer.

Cameron Diaz says, to get ready for the red carpet, she eats lettuce, cabbage and other leafy veggies. They have few calories, yet fill your tummy and turn off the hunger signals to your brain.

Salmon cooked in your dishwasher!

It's true, says Douglas! "I do it all the time for my family, and you should for yours! It's healthy, steams the fish perfectly, no dishes, no mess to clean up, and you can run to car pool or the gym while your dishwasher is cooking your dinner, which you wouldn't want to do if you were cooking the salmon in the oven or stove." Many celebrities, from Eva Longoria to Demi Moore, rave about eating lots of fresh salmon!

How to cook salmon in the dishwasher:

Take some aluminum foil and regular spices and seasoning. Shiny side in, dull side out. The shiny side keeps the heat in better, and gets hotter. Put your seasoning, teriyaki, whatever, on the fish. Roll it up tightly, put it on the top shelf of the dishwasher, and run it through one full cycle. No Soap. No dishes, no clean up, and you have perfectly poached salmon! You can even leave your glasses in there while you cook it! You can run to the store while it's cooking.

Working out and eating healthy

Singer Rihanna, 19, has an amazing body. Her secret isn't working out to get on magazine covers. "It's about trying to eat healthy and be in the gym to feel better. If you look at it that way, and not like you're trying to lose weight, then it's more successful. Don't think that you're trying to get skinny." Rihanna focuses on cardio and weights with her trainer, three-times a week. Her diet includes egg whites, veggies and fruit as snacks. Plus -- water, water, water! "Carbs are the enemy," she insists.

Herbal tea

Gwyneth Paltrow is a big herbal tea drinker, as are many Hollywood celebs, but what they won't tell you is that they've found a tea that helps rid them of tummy bloat and water retention, and they drink it before big events on the red carpet. Dandelion tea leaf is a natural diuretic that has been proven to remove excess fluid from the body.

Listerine pocket-size breath strips

This is a little Hollywood-insider secret that celebrity stylists revealed to me. They tell their clients to pop a breath strip into their mouth when the dessert tray comes to the table, or when someone starts passing the bread basket. It will numb your taste buds for 15 seconds to get you past the temptation. Matthew McConaughey apparently brushes his teeth up to 10 times a day to get the same advantage.

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