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Hollywood Takes On the Small (Web) Screen

As many of us know, celebs traditionally on the big screen are now moving more and more to the Web in order to create innovative content and jumpstart their projects without waiting around for networks or studios to give them the OK.

Illeana Douglas is one of those stars. After her TV pilot, "Supermarket," failed to get picked up, the actress took the concept to the Web. But instead of the show following her as she attempted to live a normal life working for a supermarket, she threw IKEA into the mix, pitched the Swedish furniture company the idea, and got "Easy to Assemble" approved for a season.

The comedic series, which included cameos by Illeana's fellow celeb friends Jeff Goldblum, Jane Lynch and Tom Arnold (among others), got instant traction and quickly grew a following. With some of the best brand integration in an original Web series, IKEA not surprisingly came back wanting more. Season Two is now available on MyDamnChannel, and has set a record on the site with over 7.5 million views.

I was recently invited on the set to join in on their special three-part miniseries, "Flying Solo," and got to speak with creator/writer Illeana Douglas:

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I also got to chat with another member of the cast, funnyman Tim Meadows:

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Below is the final cut from that shoot. You might notice my starring moment as the girl who's asleep behind Meadows. You can also watch the rest of the series here

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